The Quest For Gold!

It’s Competition Time!

To celebrate the release of Sea Of Thieves, we’re excited to announce our first competition – The Quest For Gold. 

This competition will have you exploring vast islands and sailing the seas in search of beautiful landmarks. You’ll have to be the first pirate to find all the landmarks and submit your entry to earn your share of the plunder! However, not all hope is lost, for there is a prize for our runner-up competitor!


How to Enter – The Terms

  1.  We urge competitors to click the ‘Follow’ button in the bottom right corner and enter the email they’ll be using to submit their competition entries. This way we’ll be able to send updates to all competitors, and let you know when you’ve won! FOLLOW US.png
  2. Competitors must take a photo of their in-game character performing an action for us to know what their character looks like. For each step of the competition, competitors must take a screenshot at the set locations whilst performing the same action with the same character/clothing! This will help us authenticate submissions. 
  3. Once you’ve found all 10 Landmarks and taken the appropriate screenshots as proof, send them in to

If you have any questions regarding the set terms, Contact Us!

*Failure to comply with the set terms will result in your submission being overlooked*

First Prize Has Been Won – Congratulations Kerrie Holland!

The grand prize, The Art of Sea of Thieves – Signed Exclusively By Rare. 

You can’t get much better than that!


Runner-Up Prize

In the unfortunate event that you so narrowly miss out on a chance at our grand prize, all is not lost! You’ll get to choose one of the following prizes!

Limited Gold Coin


Sea Of Thieves Mug

SOT Mug.jpg

Playing Cards

SOT Cards.jpg

“Reapers Mark’ Limited Poster


“Battle Of The Three Storms” Limited Poster


The Landmarks:

14 Landmarks – 4 With Riddles

Start searching, these are the landmarks you need to find – Best of luck!




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